Summer Intensive Integrative Training. 

Accepting 20 members only < THIS MEANS,


Ages 13+ Denver & NY: $1750

Modified program for ages 10-12 (NY only): $900

The Training: 

Ballet / Variations / Contemporary / Technique / Jump Science / Jump Training and Problem Solving / Flexibility / ROM / Proprioception / Mindfulness / Mental Readiness 

The iiT (Intensive Integrated Training) system we have developed is a highly efficient results-machine for male dancers. Combining professional ballet technique training with multiple mental and physical fitness modalities, this system expedites the process of going from “almost got it” to “got it” - and sticks. Dancers retain the new knowledge, it's not fleeting. 

Perfect for: 
Male dancers with 3+ years ballet training.

Especially appropriate, but not exclusive to, male dancers who have a high stakes dance event coming up in the next 6-12 months (ex. Auditioning for Full time ballet program / Auditions for professional performing company). 

Male dancers looking for a training Blitz in a small team environment with professional male coaches.

This is 5 days of intensive training in ballet, jumps, embodiment, and stamina. This is not a competition, this is not a convention, this is a uniquely safe and fortifying experience where the entire human is not just welcome, but is NEEDED. The 20 male dancers will develop a strong relationship with each other and a stronger relationship with all dimensions of themselves. I promise you, you have never trained like this before. Follow our IG page and FB page for some messages from the owner about why this is so different. 

Schedule Skeleton: 

10am - 1pm: Integrative Warm Up / Ballet  Class / Technique 

2pm - 3pm: Integrative Cross Training / Jumps 

3:30pm - 6pm: Variations / Choreo / Divided Group Corrective Sessions 

Lead Trainers / Directors:

Michael Vadacchino and Bryce Lee *see bios below

Guest Trainers: TBA - Contemporary Choreo / Audition Prep / Fitness

Additional master trainers will be vetted and approved after  we interview all 20 siiT registrants - making sure that the added talent to the event fits the needs and goals of the siiT group. 



If you are not a member of the MDA and we have not trained you yet, please request a consult.

If you are an MDA member and have trained with us through MDC, use links for enrollment and payment below. 

Enroll / Pay for Denver: Click Here

Enroll / Pay for NY: Click here

Enroll / Pay for NY Modified Program for ages 10-12: Click here

What's below?

A detailed description of both the Denver and Upstate NY sessions.


Dates / Cost / Hotel deals / FB group link to connect with parents and coaches.


If this is too much to read and you just want to talk to someone, call me. This is a small group on purpose. It allows us the time to give both the student and the parents individualized attention, even before registration. Just text or call me (Michael). 

Call or text Michael: 901-563-2868

Event Details


JUNE 9th - 13th, 2022

Enroll / Pay for Denver: Click Here

Studio Location:

Cherry Creek Dance

2625 E 3rd Ave, Denver, CO 80206

Studio Features: 

  • Large studio for male variations and large skills. 

  • Our own entrance. 

  • Air Conditioning

  • Refrigerator 

  • Our own bathrooms 

  • Smaller studios available for private training

  • Food / Refreshments and shopping right outside

Housing - We can't provide housing this year but we got a great deal at a hotel and have some ideas below. Join the facebook group to team up or ask other parents questions after or even before you sign up.

Group Hotel Deal: 


$160 plus tax a night, probably around $180 per night

Use “Male Dancer Academy” when booking to get the special rate.



  1. Kitchen in every room 

  2. Breakfast included

  3. Pool

  4. Outdoor area to hang out 

  5. 1.5 miles to studio 


Sonja Lahana | Director of Sales

Staybridge Suites | Denver - Cherry Creek

Member: Aimbridge Top Line Advisory Council

4220 E. Virginia Ave.| Glendale, CO 80246

Tel: 303-321-5757 | Dir: 303-262-5203 

Cell: 303-946-5091 | Fax: 303-321-1317


Hotel Video:

JULY 13th - 17th*, 2022 - UPSTATE NEW YORK

July 13th- 17th (Small Group Training Event) 

Price: $1750

Enroll / Pay for NY: Click here

*Modified Program for 10-12 year old dancers. Same stuff, less intense:) 

5-5.5 hours in a row per day.


Perfect to drop off and hang out in adorable Saugerties, get on a canoe, gasp at the mountain views, shop, pet a goat, and then some. 

Price: $900

Enroll / Pay for modified NY Purchase Here: 

Studio Location:

Saugerties Ballet Center

Address: 10 1st St, Saugerties, NY 12477

Studio Features: 

  • GIANT studio space for variations and large skills 

  • Refrigerator 

  • Bathrooms 

  • Extra studio for private training

  • We have the entire place to ourselves. 

  • Outdoor area

  • Diner across the street

  • Orchard and organic produce market 2 minutes away 

Housing - We can't provide housing this year but we got a great deal at a hotel and have some ideas below. Join the facebook group to team up or ask other parents questions after or even before you sign up.

Hotel Block: 

Comfort Inn Saugerties: about a 2 minute drive to the studio

Address: 2790 NY-32, Saugerties, NY 12477

Book with Group Name: Male Dancer Academy

Group Number: 4397844


Tuesday          July  12 2022    Rate --  $155.00 + Tax

Wednesday     July 13 2022    Rate --  $155.00 + Tax 

Thursday         July  14 2022   Rate --  $175.00 + Tax

Friday             July  15  2022   Rate -- $255.00 + Tax

Saturday         July   16  2022   Rate -- $255.00 + Tax

Sunday           July   17  2022    Rate  - $155.0 + Tax

Monday          July   18   2022   Rate  - $155.00+ Tax 



You have lots of questions: 

If you have not trained with MDA or MDC before, set up a time to talk to us. The siiT program and environment is very unique. It requires both a skill set and a mind set that aligns with the mission and values of the program. With only 20 spots available, it allows us to get to know applicants prior to registration. Please click the button below to request a meeting. 


Like our facebook page - updates / training tips / videos

Follow our IG page - updates / training tips / videos  

Join the FB group < do this, even if you are "just interested"

This group is awesome if:

  • You super want to go but need to have housing and travel partners

  • Want to chat one on one with other MDA members 

  • Get real testimonials from the people who have benefited most from our training.

  • Need new male dance parent friends