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A unique training academy for male dancers. 

The MDA is an integrative, personalized, training academy for male dancers that accelerates their skills, broadens their understanding of the profession, connects them with other male dancers and role models, and delivers coaching that is unavailable or not abundant in their local area.


The experience is captured within a proven-effective hybrid online and in-person training environment.


The MDA experience is (w)holistic, efficient, and integrative. It is specific to male dancers and unseen in the industry. 

2022 Training

Intensive Integrative Training

A deep dive into the wholistic needs of the male dancer in areas of technical skill, self awareness, physical strength and flexibility, learning efficiency, problem solving, industry navigation, and scaling education / career.


We do this through intensive integrative training. 

- Review the pain points of the student. 

- Strategically choose and integrate multiple modalities and methodologies to efficiently progress in those areas.

- Create a success calendar ranging from a 21 consecutive day training blitz to a 2-3 month spread.

- Research and connect with local experts to add to the  integrative action plan. 

- Concentrated private training with experts in the fields the iiT member needs for radical progress.

- Continuous communication with iiT member and their caretakers. 

- Create a continuing progress strategy before or shortly after completing iiT. 


This program is selective not by talent level but by readiness and availability of all parties and circumstances needed to achieve success. 

Only 6 iiT members will be accepted in 2022. 

It is most appropriate for those preparing for auditions, scholarships, and high stakes performances. However, those looking to catapult their skills on a wholistic level without a high stakes event, this is for you too. 

Each student's plan is individualized; no two programs are the same. Time and preparation is carefully used to make results-efficiency the main objective. 

What iiT participants all share is an unwavering commitment to excellence, respect for the work, their coaches, caretakers, and selves.


- Dancers highly motivated to progress efficiently and creatively. 

- Dancers approaching or seeking a high stakes event: auditions, performance, graduation, career start.

- Dancers not getting high end instruction in their local area.

- Dancers looking to add dimensions to their training. 

- Families looking for one on one guidance navigating the dance industry.

- Dancers looking for a fitness regimen that will help increase size and power with special attention to balance, flexibility and coordination appropriate to their dance style(s). 

- Dancers looking for solid action plans and the skills to make their own. 

- Dancers looking for mentors, trusted advisory, and people to lean on in the future.


- Studios and teachers looking for supplemental male-specific training for their male dancers. 

- Dancers wanting an inside look at what a career in dance looks like and what opportunities are available to them in their desired style. 

How much is iiT?


Pricing and acceptance into the MDA iiT program will vary from $1,500 to $2,500 Both the student and caretakers of the student will have 1 - 4 consultations prior to commitment. 

Private Training

Private training for male dancers with the MDA is a remarkable way to get customized coaching from highly skilled professionals, virtually and in-person. Our training goes beyond technique and rehearsal - helping male dancers navigate their dance evnironment and opportunies. We are able to deliver REMARKABLE and ONGOING success with the virtual experience. 


High level coaching requires intelligent communication of corrections and motivations. The virtual setting has actauly INCREASED our linguistic skills and correction delivery - creating dramatic results. When available, in-person training is scheduled and is a rich experience filling in any gaps the virtual space left. 

How much is pT?


MDA pT sessions will range from 45min sessions to 2 hour sessions. They are both available as mentoring / advisory sessions as well as physical training. Depending on style and length of session prices will range from $75 per session to $200.


Summer Intensive Integrative Training. 
Accepting 20 members only. 

JUNE 9th - 13th*, 2022- DENVER

June 9 - 13 (Small Group Training Event) 

*June 8th & 14th (Private Training / Mentoring) by appointment.

JULY 13th - 17th*, 2022 - UPSTATE NEW YORK

July 13th- 17th (Small Group Training Event) 

*July 11th & 12th (Private Training / Mentoring) by appointment.


The Intensive Integrated Dance Training: 

Ballet / Variations / Contemporary / Technique / Jump Science / Jump Training and Problem Solving / Flexibility / ROM / Proprioception / Mindfulness / Mental Readiness 

The iiT (Intensive Integrated Training) system we have developed is a highly efficient results-machine for male dancers. Combining professional ballet technique training with multiple mental and physical fitness modalities, this system expedites the process of going from “almost got it” to “got it” - and sticks. Dancers retain the new knowledge, it's not fleeting. 

Perfect for: 
Male dancers with 3+ years ballet training.

Especially appropriate, by not exclusive to, male dancers who have a high stakes dance event coming up in the next 6-12 months (ex. Auditioning for Full time ballet program / Auditions for professional performing company). 

Male dancers looking for a training Blitz in a team environment with professional male coaches.

Best for ages 13- 20 depending on experience and maturity.

This is 5 days of intensive training in ballet, jumps, embodiment, and stamina. This is not a competition, this is not a convention, this is a uniquely safe and fortifying experience where the entire human is not just welcome, but is NEEDED. The 20 male dancers will develop a strong relationship with each other and a stronger relationship with all dimensions of themselves. 

Schedule Skeleton: 

10am - 1pm: Integrative Warm Up / Ballet  Class / Technique 

2pm - 3:30pm: Integrative Cross Training / Jumps 

4:30pm - 7pm: Variations / Choreo / Divided Group Corrective Sessions 


Lead Trainers / Directors:

Michael Vadacchino and Bryce Lee *see bios below

Guest Trainers: TBA - Contemporary Choreo / Audition Prep / Fitness

Additional master trainers will be vetted and approved after  we interview all 20 siiT registrants - making sure that the added talent to the event fits the needs and goals of the siiT group. 

PRICE for 5-day siiT: June 9th - 13th 

Payment Before March 15th (Denver), April 15th (New York): $1750

Payment After March 15th (Denver), April 15th (New York): $2,000


Payment plan:

Must begin payments on or before March 15th (Denver), Aril 15th (New York).

Payment 1:  $667

Payment 2:  $667

Payment 3:  $667

Registration cut off May 1st (Denver), June 1st (New York).

PRICE for PT / Mentorship Sessions June 8th & 14th

$100 per hour 

How to get in / You have lots of questions: 

Set up a time to talk to us. The siiT program and environment is very unique. It requires both a skill set and a mind set that aligns with the mission and values of the program. With only 20 spots available, it allows us to get to know applicants prior to registration. Please click the button below to request a meeting. This is not an audition, but a friendly assessment. Emphasis on friendly. Also if you just have more questions about location, policies, housing, etc, schedule a consult below. 


Open Training Classes

MDA classes continue the legacy of the MDC@home experience. MDA classes are  designed and delivered  for male dancers specifically. It is high level instruction in the company of other male dancers. The camaraderie and connection is real, fun, and motivating, even in a virtual setting. The training space we provide uses the virtual setting as an asset, not a problem. These classes are great for all male dancers but are especially valuable for those who live and practice in an area that does not provide access to other male dancers / coaches.

Men's Ballet - Sundays at 4:30pm EST



Michael Vadacchino:
Fitness, flexibility, embodiment, awareness, gymnastics, diet management, jumps, mechanics.  

Michael has been a movement educator for over 25 years. His training resume is prolific, covering recreational and elite level gymnastics - program development and directorship - award winning competitive jazz choreographer - teacher trainer for the Pilates Academy International - teacher trainer for the Garuda® method - director, trainer, and co-owner of Sentirsi Pilates Studio - He has studied under the director of Sports Psychology at Rutgers University and most recently studied with world renowned experts in embodiment training and somatic therapeutic techniques. 

Training with Michael is a comprehensive and profound experience. Awareness, focus, and adding dimensions of self to the practice are vital to rapid / efficient results in ANY sport or movement art form at EVERY level and any age. 

Michael is the creator and co-owner of boysdancetoo®, the Male Dancer Conference, and is acting director of E-commerce for Body Wrappers®

Ballet technique, variations, jumps, turns, endurance, character, audition, career / education mentor. 

Bryce has quickly become one of the country's leading online educators for male ballet dancers. His online classwork with the Male Dancer Conference has brought hundreds of male dancers together combining a no-nonsense and FUN-as-heck approach. He has created, directed and coached 3 men's variation intensives, and one summer intensive. He has set variations for students participating in auditions and performances. He has done this in both the virtual and in-person settings with astounding results.  


He is a captivating coach and a meticulous technique machine. His coaching goes way beyond technique however by advancing his student's understanding of the ballet environment, the best fitting educational plans and programs for each individual, and has connections within the community that he uses to create new educational  and professional opportunities for his students. 


Bryce Lee was born in Missouri and started his professional training at 12 at Dmitri Kulev Classical Ballet Academy in Laguna Hills, CA. In the summer of 2011, he attended School of American Ballet, then was asked to stay for the Winter Term program from 2011-2012. He attended several summer courses on full scholarship including SAB, Miami City Ballet and Colorado Ballet. Bryce has received several awards in classical and contemporary forms of dance as well as 1st place, semi-finalist at YAGP Europe and two-time YAGP Finalist Qualifier. He joined Colorado Ballet’s Studio Company in 2013 and was promoted to the Company in 2015.

Bryce has received several awards in classical and contemporary dance, as well as 1st place, semi-finalist at YAGP Europe, and two-time YAGP Finalist Qualifier.

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